Book Club Questions

Eastover Treasures

  1. Discuss examples of how the setting in and around Williamsburg, Virginia, enhanced the plot.
  2. Which was your favorite character and why?
  3. Given the current events of the day, plantation life in Virginia is not getting positive press these days. How does the way this family lived help paint a different picture of rural Virginia?
  4. Discuss how quilting is woven throughout the novel.
  5. Did you have to be a quilter to enjoy this story?
  6. What do you think happened to Noah and James?
  7. This book is classified as a cozy mystery. How does it differ from other mysteries you’ve read?
  8. What piece of history did you learn from reading this that you didn’t know before?

Lady Tigers

Note: All Lady Tigers’s books have discussion questions at the end of the books.

If I Look Like You Lesson Plans

Please download this pdf for free teacher lesson plans for social/emotional learning that go along with the book If I Look Like You.