If I Look Like You




Scout is a dragon with an awesome talent.

She can change like a chameleon! As she explores her town, she feels the need to change how she looks depending on who she’s talking to. But everyone she meets tells her the same thing: You don’t have to look like me!

See how she learns the importance of being herself.

Comes with FREE teacher lesson plans.

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If I Look Like You

When Scout the chameleon dragon goes exploring to decide what she wants to be when she grows up, she talks to animal professionals to learn key aspects of their trade. While she starts with the misconception that what she can become is based on her appearance, the key lesson is repeated by everyone she meets: “You don’t have to look like me.”

Animal characters are equally relatable to all children, as is the exploration to see where they fit in. While STEM is very important, America is experiencing a shortage in “middle skills,” and studies have recommended educating children earlier about their options in the workforce—not all require a college degree. Unlike many books about career choices, If I Look Like You doesn’t focus solely on college-track professions. Scout considers fifteen professions including a landscaper, flight attendant, factory worker, chef, and computer programmer. Each gives her things to consider if she wants to go into that career.

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