Lady Tigers Come to Life

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Go Lady Tigers!

Over the past week, I have seen the characters from my Lady Tigers’ Series come to life. My 14-year old daughter is writing from each of the characters’ view point as they introduce themselves to my web-audience. She has six done so far. I am always amazed at how talented she is. Her writing is fun and full of life, and she has a great imagination. I would like to say she inherited it all from me, but I think she’s even better!

I have a great intern that is building softball cards (not baseball cards!) for the girls and built them each a page on my website. I’m a little behind on the illustrations, but that’s because my illustrator Vineet is working on the pictures for my next book, Nicole’s New Friend.

It is wonderful having a group of supporters to help bring the Lady Tigers to life. Now it doesn’t feel like just my project. They have a team working for their team!

I would love to hear what readers think good topics for 11-13 years would be. I have a few story lines in the hopper, but am always interested in picking up more. I’m working with the Girl Scouts of Colonial Coast now, and hope to get some good ideas from that group. I’m excited about sharing the Lady Tigers with them and getting feedback. Adding more people to the team that make these girls come to life!!