Goldfinch: Pulitzer Prize Material?

book, review, reading. goldfinch, tartt, audiobookFinished listening to the audiobook “The Goldfinch” today. I can see why the book is studied in English classes. The writing is very descriptive; really makes you feel like you are experiencing what Theo is. But at times, I feel like the book went on too long. It could have ended satisfactorily in a few different places. Some of the extended story could have been dropped as no real value added. Let me rephrase–no additional entertainment value added. There are loads of meaningful nuances weaved throughout the book. It would be great for book clubs to delve into and discuss over drinks. The part that most impressed me is how the Author Donna Tartt makes the reader feel like the reader himself is tripping or high or drunk with the writing style. The broken sentences and confused thoughts. Very well done.

There were a lot of cliches that were overused and repetitive storylines that could have been cut and still made an effective book. The editor should have caught much of that. FYI, the reader for The Goldfinch audiobook, David Pittu, was GREAT. I could hear the different characters plainly.
As far as the characters in the story go, I’m a fixer. I just wanted to go in and fix Theo. “All you have to do is…” People think that all the time about situations they have no right commenting on. It seems sad, although not unbelievable (which is the sad part) that the fictionalized school system in Vegas fails Theo. The teachers had to see he was in trouble, but no one seemed to take enough interest to drive out to his home and check on him? Do they even do that kind of thing anymore? Budget cuts and all. And what is up with Peppa? I get she has trauma, but I don’t like how that was unresolved. Sounded like an excuse to me. I don’t want to give any endings away in case you are going to read the book–or watch the movie. I hear there’s a deal in the making. Vanity Fair has an article about it.