Quilt Retreat: Is there a Cozy Mystery there?

quilt, cozy, woods, retreat, mysteryQuilt Retreat

Last weekend I went to a quilt retreat. Yes, there is such a thing! I spent 5 glorious days not responsible for anything (meals were included) and was allowed to dedicate my time creating something new. It was a rewarding and enjoyable experience. I got to know 14 other ladies from my quilt guild and picked up new techniques and patterns along the way.
When they found out I was also an author, they encouraged me to write a story about the retreat. We were staying in a deserted campground in the off-season. You could hear the hunters’ rifles in the woods. The tools and implements in the quilting room provide more than enough fodder for weapons. The age range was from 30s to 70s. We all had our own little quirks.
So I think there may be a story there…