The Dragons of Silent Mountain


The Dragons of Silent Mountain

Change has come to Silent Mountain. 

Ashton grew up with enchanting stories of when dragons filled the sky. When the mountain rumbles and people start disappearing, Ashton is compelled to discover if the tales are true. She may be labeled as crazy as her grandfather, but she has to unravel the mystery of her birthright. 

While trying to help the dragon queen, Ashton finds herself at odds with Lukas, her childhood friend, and captain of the soldiers. Bucking the ruling family, she places herself between the needs of the dragons and the troops Lukas commands. When tempers flare and blood is shed, Ashton races to fulfill her grandmother’s wishes while blocking the evil actions of the power-hungry village ruler. 

Can Ashton win Lukas to her side to save the dragons and the village from a fight that could destroy them all? 

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The Dragons of Silent Mountain

Young Adult fantasy with no graphic violence, no sex, and no swearing.

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