Baseball/Softball Scorebook


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Baseball/Softball Scorebook. New and improved book for keeping score for 30 ball games. Larger print, bigger squares, and a place for notes allow you to capture the details of the game needed to re-tell the story later. Perfect for the coach to utilize as a teaching tool. Useful end of game summary gives quick reference per player for both offense and defense. New to scorekeeping? This book provides detailed description about scorekeeping shorthand, as well as some of the nuances of the baseball/softball rules needed when scoring the game.
Tested and recommended by east-coast travel teams.

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Spiral bound
Includes reproducible worksheet for planning lineups

“This book is wonderful. I showed a few coaches and they loved it. They plan on ordering some for next years high school season. It is so easy to use. I used it to track my daughters pitching and batting for high school. It was so easy to figure out everything. With the book I was able to figure out she played 13 games, 88 strikeouts and batted .317. Now I plan to use it for summer tournaments.”

-Dan P., coach and father