Avery Appreciates True Friendship


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Playing softball for the Lady Tigers had always been the key to Avery, Charlotte, and Bianca’s friendship. It was the common interest they shared.

But when Charlotte grows closer to a new girl in the neighborhood, Avery worries that her friend’s new interest in clothes and shopping will tear the trio apart. Suddenly, Avery finds herself surrounded by worry, stress, and jealousy that affects the whole team. Can the girls come together for the upcoming tournament, or will insecurities get the better of the Lady Tigers?

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Book 4 in the Lady Tigers Series

by Paige Ashley Brotherton

Is there more to friendship than shared experiences? What if that no longer exists?

Avery Todd is proud to be on the Lady Tiger’s Fastpitch softball team with her two best friends, Charlotte and Bianca. But when Charlotte starts hanging with a new girl, Shelby, Avery worries that their days of enjoying frozen yogurt while caked in dirt from the softball field are over. Avery’s jealousy quickly turns to insecurity as Shelby and Charlotte spend more time together. Does Charlotte like Shelby better because she’s interested in more “girl stuff?” Is changing the way she looks the way for Avery to get her friend back?

Avery Appreciates True Friendship by Paige Brotherton is the fourth book in Lady Tigers Series combining young girls’ love of sports and reading into a tale of self-love and acceptance. If you like team-oriented, sports-action-packed, joke-filled, and heart-warming stories of friendship, you’ll love the fourth installment in this coming-of-age series dedicated to encouraging girls to be the best athletes—and women—they can be.

Take home Avery Appreciates True Friendship today to promote self-love in the women of tomorrow!


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One thing that I appreciate about all the books in the Lady Tigers series is the way they incorporate positive themes and values. Avery Appreciates True Friendship emphasizes some important lessons about friendship: be yourself and don’t try to change to be popular with others, friendship shouldn’t be possessive – friends are meant to be shared, and try to work out your problems – don’t just give up on your friendships.

– Hawkreader10 from LitPick

The characters were charmingly displayed as young teenagers. Avery is obviously a sports girl who couldn’t care less about the way she looks and the latest fashion trends. She and her two friends seem extremely similar in this way until Charlotte introduces Shelby. Suddenly, the girls aren’t so similar anymore. Charlotte and Shelby are more fashionistas while Avery and Bianca adamantly maintain their position that fashion and softball don’t mix. While this makes room for the typical teenage girl drama, it effortlessly portrays the story as one that would happen in real life.

– Moseso from LitPick
LitPick, award, gold, review, star, choice, medal

“Paige Ashley Brotherton’s debut novel is simultaneously fun and serious. An in-depth look at a young softball player’s struggles and victories, this novel will appeal to any young girl who has played any level of softball. The story is about a young girl, Avery, and her circle of friends. Her friends are composed of other girls who play on the same softball team, and everyone seems to have a solid friendship based on their shared love of the game. However, questions soon arise for Avery as she struggles with the meaning of true friendship and issues of self-esteem and jealousy. Brotherton writes in a refreshing voice, and the story rings very true for any girl who has gone through the confusion of adolescence. I am very much looking forward to the next book from this young author.” -Narielle Living, Blue Fortune Publishing
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