Trish Murphy

My name is Trish Murphy. I am the proud center fielder of the Lady Tigers fastpitch softball team. I played on a recreational softball team before the Lady Tigers and had lots of fun, but I knew it was time for a change. I really love the game and want to be on the team that will help me do my best at the sport I adore. I enjoy learning new things and improving my skills, especially in softball.

Thanks to Margie, I have discovered a love for teaching softball too. The clinic was a great chance to pass on everything Coach Kory spent hours teaching us. I am a member of student government in school and would love to be able to organize a fundraiser for our school that ties in my love for softball too. Spending time at the clinic made me realize how easy it is to incorporate your passions into everything you do.

My dad is a lawyer and my mom is in fashion, but when I grow up I think I would like to be a teacher or a veterinarian. I love animals, especially dogs and horses. This summer—in between practices and tournaments, of course!—I want to learn how to ride at the barn near my house. It will be hard work, but if softball has taught me anything, it is that perseverance and determination can get you anywhere!


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Brotherton, fastpitch, softball, sports, girls, lessons, bookclub

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