Nikki Andrews

Hey there! My name is Nikki Andrews. My sister Sally and I play the best sport in existence: fastpitch softball. I’m the catcher for my sister and the Lady Tigers fourteen-and-under softball team. My sister and I have been playing together since we were old enough to hold a softball. We have a special pre-tournament exchange: right before we get in the car to go to the game, my sister leans over and says: “May the force be with you.” Whenever I sense that Sally is getting too tense on the mound, I whisper it to her. The quote makes her laugh and releases some of her tension. That’s why Sally and I are such a great team: we know each other so well. But we’re not the only part of the team that’s great—the Lady Tigers are all great friends and teammates, on the field and in the frozen yogurt shop.

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