Margie Clark

My name is Margie Clark and I play second base on the Lady Tigers. I love softball—everything about it. Our team works together like the parts of a brand-new fighter airplane. I love all my friends on the Lady Tigers. When we are on the field together, it is all about trust. I trust my teammates to know what to do, just like they trust me. But my teammates are more than just the girls who sit next to me in the dugout—they are my best friends.

I'm very grateful to have Trish, Nikki, Sally, and all the Lady Tigers standing by me while my dad is away. He's a master sergeant in the Air Force and I couldn't be more proud of him. I recently set-up a softball clinic for kids who also have family members in the Air Force. There are so many out there who can relate to my family's situation and I am glad that we now have the game I love to further unite us. The softball clinic was a huge success, and it meant all the world to me that my friends took time out of their lives to help with something that was important to me. I have discovered a new passion: helping others and giving back to the community.

Win or lose, I know I can count on my teammates. Off the field, you can find me spending time with my sister, testing out new recipes for sleepovers with my friends, hanging out at the frozen yogurt shop (my favorite flavor is cake batter!), and preparing for our next clinic.

I'm working on improving my batting technique, and hope to teach what Coach Kory has been helping me with to all of the aspiring softball stars on the base!

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