Bianca Lopez

I'm Bianca Lopez, left fielder-extraordinaire. My favorite subject is probably English, but math’s not so bad either. I want to be an actress when I grow up—or better yet, a comedian. Right now, it's a male-dominated field. I plan to be a part of the movement to change that, one joke at a time.

I love softball, but I love my friends on the Lady Tigers even more. My best buds Avery, Charlotte, and I are all on the same team, so we spend lots of time together. And chances are, if we’re not on the field together, we’re sitting in our favorite bakery chatting about movies, music, and of course, softball. I couldn’t ask for a better trio. If there’s one thing my sport has taught me, it’s that success depends mostly on the team you choose to play with—and that includes the game of life. It’s good to have someone to give me a high-five whether I strike out or hit a homerun.

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