Avery Todd

My name is Avery Todd. I live in Hartford Villages, two houses down from one of my best friends, Charlotte Hayden. Charlotte and I met our other friend, Bianca Lopez, in second grade. We played recreational ball together until 4th grade, when we join the Lady Tigers Fastpitch team. Now we work together to win against more competitive teams all over the state. I'm one of the shortstops for my team, but I also play right and centerfield.

I’m not the first in my family to play softball. My mother played when she was in high school. My two older brothers, Xander and Aaron, play football and lacrosse, so I dabble in a few other sports as well. My dad has been taking me to local games since I can remember, which might explain why I like sliding shorts better than denim ones.

My favorite subject at school is science, but I really want to play ball in college. Keeping healthy is a top priority for me. I will always work hard to keep my body healthy so when I’m 35, I’ll still be able to swing away and run home safely.


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