A Time to Write

November is National Novel Writing Month. This year, I think I'm ready. I've blogged about my quilts in the past. I love the puzzle of putting them together and creating something wonderful, albeit not always aligning exactly. It's another part of my creative side.

During my last quilting retreat (2 of 2), I wrote a story when I took my walks to stretch my legs. Looking back on my past blogs, I see that I mentioned before that a quilt cozy mystery was definitely a possibility. This year I expanded on that thought to actually outline the story. I heard the dialogue in my head (sounds better than saying I hear voices). As I walked the grounds of the retreat center, I could picture the ladies as they ran through the woods in the rain, trying to find shelter. The story came alive, and I was excited.

That was two months ago.

I have yet to get anything on paper. But I will this year. Tomorrow is the beginning of November. I pledge to write 1,667 words a day toward my cozy mystery. Maybe I will reward myself by making a quilt to complement it.

What are you going to write about? Put some thought into it and get excited. Who knows what wonderful story you may create. Need motivation? Check out the NaNoWriMo.org website. If you are near Williamsburg, VA, stop by on Saturday, 4 Nov from 10-5 for our kick off at the James City County Library. Talk to other authors at various stages and get some pointers. We are also gathering every Monday night in November from 5-9 for dedicated writing time.

Good luck and happy writing! (that’s 280 words so far…)

Creativity Comes in Many Shapes and Works

quilt, contest, creative, pink, artQuilts on Display at MidAtlantic Quilt Festival

MidAtlantic Quilt Festival was this weekend in Hampton, VA. I was overwhelmed with the creativity and talent of the many quilts on display. I’m so motivated to try new patterns and color combinations. I could easily spend the rest of the year holed up in my sewing room. Of course, my husband complains that we don’t need more quilts. But that isn’t the point!

As I cut the fabric and start to piece it back together, I can’t fathom how it will ever turn out the way it’s supposed to. Watching the patterns emerge is exciting. When I can finally see it, I’m driven to finish it. It’s like an addiction. I can easily stay awake all night…just one more piece.

I bought the pattern for this quilt, but I’m holding off starting it. It’s going to be my treat to myself after I finish “Nicole’s New Friend,” the third book in the Lady Tigers’ Series. Incentives work for my kids. Now I’m using the same logic on myself.

I also checked out the different long-arm machines. The computerized versions take the guess work out of quilting top to bottom and give you a beautiful finished product. My husband cringed when I mentioned it to him. Spending money on something like a long-arm would mean a new business investment. They can cost more than a mid-sized car. Not to mention, that “car” would take up a 12-foot span of a room in your house. I promised him that this decision was years away; I’m only now starting my research. Maybe he can distract me with more travel!

If you have some great quilt patterns to share, feel free to post them. I’d love to see. They are truly a work of art!

quilt, cozy, woods, retreat, mystery

Quilt Retreat: Is there a Cozy Mystery there?

quilt, cozy, woods, retreat, mysteryQuilt Retreat

Last weekend I went to a quilt retreat. Yes, there is such a thing! I spent 5 glorious days not responsible for anything (meals were included) and was allowed to dedicate my time creating something new. It was a rewarding and enjoyable experience. I got to know 14 other ladies from my quilt guild and picked up new techniques and patterns along the way.
When they found out I was also an author, they encouraged me to write a story about the retreat. We were staying in a deserted campground in the off-season. You could hear the hunters’ rifles in the woods. The tools and implements in the quilting room provide more than enough fodder for weapons. The age range was from 30s to 70s. We all had our own little quirks.
So I think there may be a story there…