Nicole’s New Friend

Book 3 in the Lady Tigers Series

Has Nicole found a nasty enemy…or a new friend?

Nicole loves every moment she spends playing softball with her friends on the Lady Tigers fastpitch softball team. When her coach introduces a new girl, Nicole tries her best to welcome her onto the Lady Tigers. But Diana doesn’t seem interested in being friendly—or even polite. Nicole realizes that the team is infected with drama and negativity and Nicole finds herself dreading the practices she once loved. What will bring the team back together before the new girl can tear it apart completely?

Get to know the girls from the Lady Tigers by visiting the Meet Lady Tigers site. Here you will get to hear from the girls themselves on what they think is important. Please feel free to ask questions and let the author know what you would like to learn more about.

LitPick gives Nicole's New Friend a 5-star review!

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"Nicole’s New Friend, the third book in the Lady Tigers Series by Dawn Brotherton, was a fast and enjoyable read. It ties in nicely with other books in the series, but because each book introduces the characters again, it can stand on its own. There are a lot of characters, and the dialogue between them is a big part of the story.

I liked how the book stressed the values of friendship, forgiveness, and sportsmanship. Nicole’s New Friend shows how one person with a bad attitude can ruin team spirit for everyone. It teaches kids that sports aren’t all about winning, that the fun of the game is more important. The Lady Tigers never give up, even when it seems like they can’t possibly win, a great lesson for tween athletes."-LitPick

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“Brotherton has a solid grasp of softball mechanics, and the book has no shortage of ballplaying scenes that will capture athletic readers’ imaginations.”  - Kirkus Review

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