Sisters in Arms

Sisters addresses life in the armed forces from a woman’s perspective: the ups and the downs, from basic training to combat experiences.

Many of these authors were groundbreaking in their career fields, making life better for the women who would follow. Learn how they thrived through challenging times by demonstrating courage and perseverance. Discover how each woman learned to believe in herself and harness her inner strength to achieve her goals. Apply their lessons learned to your life, and take strength from women who have paved the way.

Whether they served a few decades or a few months, the lessons they learned shaped who they are today. They are strong, resilient, courageous, ambitious, inspirational, and committed women who want to share their stories with you.

Don’t let these powerful stories go unheard!

Truth Has No Agenda

FINAL novel in the Jackie Austin trilogy.

The military takes a hard stand against sexual assault and harassment, but what happens when politics are involved?

Jackie Austin is getting her life together as a single woman. She’s been promoted, works at the Pentagon, and spends her free time helping coach youth soccer. Generally, everything is good.

Until her house is broken into.

And someone tries to kill her.

Is this because of what she’s unearthed related to the cases she’s been assigned? If so, the list of suspects is long.

Jackie always battles to help the victim—no matter who they are. But this time someone is doing whatever they can to stop her. Who is it and how far are they willing to go?

NOTE: There are no assault scenes in this book. The topic focuses on the prosecution piece.

Scout and Her Friends

Scout and Her Friends

As an addition to the story If I Look Like You, Scout introduces you to her friends so you can learn more about them. You can color and do puzzles to add to the fun.

Eastover Treasures

Eastover Treasures

Available in paperback and eBook in over 40,000 stores.

During their annual quilt retreat, gale force winds trap the sewing sisters in a boarded-up manor house. Inside, they discover the diaries of the mistress of Eastover Plantation written during the Civil War and clues she left behind for her children about a treasure hunt. Following the clues, the quilters take a journey they never expected.



“There are many fascinating characters that color this spellbinding story –  both present-day characters and characters in the 1860s. Eastover Treasures is an interesting and worthwhile read. The geographical setting is well-described and draws the reader into the enthralling story immediately. The characters are authentic, relatable, and even heartwarming, and the relationship between Aury and Scott becomes a subplot within the novel that was engrossing in itself. This is a mesmerizing historical mystery story that was a delight to read.” – Literary Titans

INCLUDES a free quilt pattern in the back of the book.

Book Club Questions available.

The Obsession

The Obsession: A Jackie Austin Mystery

ALSO available in large print on AMAZON!

What happens when an unstable person doesn’t get what they want?

As a woman in a man’s world, Major Jackie Austin is accustomed to overlooking suggestive comments and persistent suitors. But when the unsigned, disturbing, love letters arrive and disconcerting phone calls interrupt her sleep, it’s going too far. Now someone is breaking into her house, and the turmoil is taking a toll on her career.

Will this harasser take his schemes one step further . . . to murder?

Could Jackie be next?

“Dawn Brotherton’s The Obsession plunges the reader into a tale of suspense and mystery. Brotherton’s military career as a missile crew member and officer provides the backdrop for her book…resulting in an intimate and authentic portrait of a strong heroine determined to find and stop her stalker. The Obsession is a compelling read that pits the hunter versus the hunted and page by page leads to a riveting finale.” -Tj O’Connor, Author of the Gumshoe Ghost series.

Wind the Clock

Wind the Clock: A Jackie Austin Mystery

Major Jackie Austin loves working for the Air Force Inspector General’s office at beautiful Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany, but her orderly world is shattered when a plane crash leads to a devastating loss. Worse still, the accident looks eerily similar to one she wrote for an exercise scenario, making her the prime suspect. Jackie struggles to pick up the pieces of her shattered life while avoiding the clutches of the agents from the office of special investigations.

With federal agents and terrorists closing in, only Jackie can save herself.

Untimely Love

Untimely Love

Untimely Love is not your typical love story where you can immediately guess the plot of the story. The nuanced sentiment and internal emotional turmoil is what kept me glued to the pages. I slowly, almost unwittingly, became invested in Jamie’s character after reading about the relatable struggles she goes through in her marriage and work life. I was rooting for her throughout the story hoping at every turn that she would find happiness, in whatever way made sense to her. I enjoyed seeing Jamie and Ben’s sensitive relationship slowly develop, and then passionately flourish.

  – Literary Titan


The Road to Publishing

The Road to Publishing

The Road to Publishing

It’s a long, twisting road to publishing—don’t let anyone tell you differently. There’s no one path, and results are as varied as the methods to get there.

I have written and published numerous titles. I have also published works by other authors and helped them realize their dreams. I speak at conferences, teach classes on publishing and work with schools and Girl Scouts to encourage young writers.

Now I’d like to extend my reach and help you. I would never claim to know everything about publishing. It’s growing and changing at such a rapid pace, I don’t think anyone could ever make that claim. Before you make a decision affecting your life, you owe it to yourself to do some homework.

Let’s start here.

“The Road to Publishing is a well-written, thorough account of what every author needs to know as they embark upon their writing journey. Faced with myriad challenges along the way, it can be easy for a writer to get lost in the “what next” questions after a manuscript is written. By following the step-by-step breakdown of how to approach the world of publishing, The Road to Publishing provides a detailed map for writers who want their book to succeed. I highly recommend it for any stage of your writing journey, from people considering writing a manuscript to writers who are ready to publish.” -Narielle Living, President, Blue Fortune Enterprises LLC

“What I loved about this book is hands down it’s down to earth ideas (I jotted quite a few down that I want to try out), and the questions for reflection at the end of every chapter. I think it’s best to keep asking yourself important questions about what you want out of your book and how you are going to get it.” – Jordan, Book Blogger

Read the full review here.

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Trish’s Team

Trish’s Team

Trish’s Team: Book 1 in the Lady Tigers Series

Being part of the Lady Tigers is about more than playing fastpitch softball. It’s about being part of a team.

Have you ever had to choose between what your parents want you to do and what you want to do? Trish, the main character in Trish’s Team, the first book in the Lady Tiger’s Series by Dawn Brotherton, often finds herself at odds with her parents. The problem is that all her parents want her to do is play violin in the school orchestra, while Trish is most passionate about playing softball.

One day, after one of her softball games, Trish gets invited by Coach Kory to play on his elite travel softball team, the Lady Tigers. It all seems perfect to Trish until she finds out that the practices for the Lady Tigers conflict with orchestra rehearsal. Will she be able to balance sports and music? Will she make the choice that’s right for her?

LitPick gives Trish’s Team a 5-star review!

reviews, 5-star, opinion, litpick“Trish’s Team by Dawn Brotherton teaches many important lessons for kids, like the value of honesty, trust, and friendship. It also emphasizes how young athletes need to make good decisions to keep their lives balanced. Trish learns that her decisions affect not just herself, but also her entire team and her family.

Trish’s Team is a fast-paced book that will appeal to readers ages 7-11, especially girls who love sports. Readers who aren’t familiar with softball will still enjoy this book, because there is a helpful glossary of softball terminology in the back.”-LitPick

From June 2016 Midwest Book Review:

“Through the Lady Tigers’ series, young readers will learn about softball, but also about friendship, consequences, disappointment, bullying, and other modern-day issues that are confronted during the tween and teen years. The first volume in what promises to be a truly outstanding ‘Lady Tigers’ series from the pen of Dawn Brotherton, “Trish’s Team” is very highly recommended for both school and community library collections for young readers”

** Selected by BiblioBoard for the state of Virginia. Ask your library if they are carrying the eVersion.

Margie Makes a Difference

Margie Makes a Difference

Margie Makes a Difference: Book 2 in the Lady Tigers Series

The Lady Tigers were all about being a team. From the very first tryout, Margie, Trish, Sally and Nikki, with the help of their coaches, found they were a force to be reckoned with. But like all teams, the girls find that even the highs of winning cannot crush the painful lessons of hardship both on and off the field.

When Margie’s dad is called away to serve his country, the Lady Tigers must band together to make a difference in the lives of military kids on the base. But will their efforts be a success or a big strike out?

LitPick gives Margie Makes a Difference a 5-star Review!

reviews, 5-star, opinion, litpick“I found the second book in the Lady Tigers Series, Margie Makes a Difference by Dawn Brotherton, to be a quick read with a positive message. It stresses the importance of friendship, patience, caring about others, and working together. The way the team joins together to help one of their own overcome a hardship is a valuable lesson for kids.

Although the book has many of the same characters that were introduced in Trish’s Team, the first book in the series, this book could easily stand on its own. I would recommend this book for kids ages 7 to 11, and believe it would especially be enjoyed by girls who play softball.” – LitPick

More Reviews

“This plucky book affirms the value of hard work, team effort, and compassion. As Margie learns when she helps kids connect with their parents abroad, you can always use your own experiences to help other people—and volunteering gives you a great feeling, too.” – Foreward Reviews

“Very few books have ever done as good a job of showing the price we pay for our military people to serve their country. “Margie Makes a Difference” has a lot to say about many different topics and does it very well.” – Midwest Book Review

Nicole’s New Friend

Nicole’s New Friend

Nicole’s New Friend: Book 3 in the Lady Tigers Series

A new team member for the Lady Tigers could spell the recipe for victory . . . or disaster.

Nicole Carter’s fastpitch softball team has a fantastic reputation as good players, win or lose. When a new girl, Diana, is introduced to the team, Nicole is excited to show her the ins and outs of being a Lady Tiger. But when Diana threatens both Nicole’s position at third base and her love of the game, the team becomes buried in drama. Will the girls be able to find their team spirit again in time for the tournament or will their attitudes take them out of the running before the game even starts?

Nicole’s New Friend covers the underestimated importance of sportsmanship in youth competitive athletics. As the third installment in Dawn Brotherton’s Lady Tigers Series, Nicole’s New Friend is the perfect mix of emotion and action in a chapter book aimed at supporting young women as they learn what it truly means to be a part of a team.

Discover the true recipe for victory in Nicole’s New Friend.

Get to know the girls from the Lady Tigers by visiting the Meet Lady Tigers site. Here you will get to hear from the girls themselves on what they think is important. Please feel free to ask questions and let the author know what you would like to learn more about.

LitPick gives Nicole’s New Friend a 5-star review!

reviews, 5-star, opinion, litpick“Nicole’s New Friend, the third book in the Lady Tigers Series by Dawn Brotherton, was a fast and enjoyable read. It ties in nicely with other books in the series, but because each book introduces the characters again, it can stand on its own. There are a lot of characters, and the dialogue between them is a big part of the story.

I liked how the book stressed the values of friendship, forgiveness, and sportsmanship. Nicole’s New Friend shows how one person with a bad attitude can ruin team spirit for everyone. It teaches kids that sports aren’t all about winning, that the fun of the game is more important. The Lady Tigers never give up, even when it seems like they can’t possibly win, a great lesson for tween athletes.”-LitPick

Brotherton has a solid grasp of softball mechanics, and the book has no shortage of ballplaying scenes that will capture athletic readers’ imaginations.” – Kirkus Review

Avery Appreciates True Friendship

Book 4 in the Lady Tigers Series

by Paige Ashley Brotherton

Is there more to friendship than shared experiences? What if that no longer exists?

Avery Todd is proud to be on the Lady Tiger’s Fastpitch softball team with her two best friends, Charlotte and Bianca. But when Charlotte starts hanging with a new girl, Shelby, Avery worries that their days of enjoying frozen yogurt while caked in dirt from the softball field are over. Avery’s jealousy quickly turns to insecurity as Shelby and Charlotte spend more time together. Does Charlotte like Shelby better because she’s interested in more “girl stuff?” Is changing the way she looks the way for Avery to get her friend back?

Avery Appreciates True Friendship by Paige Brotherton is the fourth book in Lady Tigers Series combining young girls’ love of sports and reading into a tale of self-love and acceptance. If you like team-oriented, sports-action-packed, joke-filled, and heart-warming stories of friendship, you’ll love the fourth installment in this coming-of-age series dedicated to encouraging girls to be the best athletes—and women—they can be.

Take home Avery Appreciates True Friendship today to promote self-love in the women of tomorrow!


LitPick, award, gold, review, star, choice, medalLitPick Top Choice Book Review Award

One thing that I appreciate about all the books in the Lady Tigers series is the way they incorporate positive themes and values. Avery Appreciates True Friendship emphasizes some important lessons about friendship: be yourself and don’t try to change to be popular with others, friendship shouldn’t be possessive – friends are meant to be shared, and try to work out your problems – don’t just give up on your friendships.

– Hawkreader10 from LitPick

The characters were charmingly displayed as young teenagers. Avery is obviously a sports girl who couldn’t care less about the way she looks and the latest fashion trends. She and her two friends seem extremely similar in this way until Charlotte introduces Shelby. Suddenly, the girls aren’t so similar anymore. Charlotte and Shelby are more fashionistas while Avery and Bianca adamantly maintain their position that fashion and softball don’t mix. While this makes room for the typical teenage girl drama, it effortlessly portrays the story as one that would happen in real life.

– Moseso from LitPick
LitPick, award, gold, review, star, choice, medal

“Paige Ashley Brotherton’s debut novel is simultaneously fun and serious. An in-depth look at a young softball player’s struggles and victories, this novel will appeal to any young girl who has played any level of softball. The story is about a young girl, Avery, and her circle of friends. Her friends are composed of other girls who play on the same softball team, and everyone seems to have a solid friendship based on their shared love of the game. However, questions soon arise for Avery as she struggles with the meaning of true friendship and issues of self-esteem and jealousy. Brotherton writes in a refreshing voice, and the story rings very true for any girl who has gone through the confusion of adolescence. I am very much looking forward to the next book from this young author.” -Narielle Living, Blue Fortune Publishing
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All 4 Lady Tigers Books have earned 5-star rating from LitPick

Tammy Tries Baseball

Tammy Tries Baseball

Book 5 in the Lady Tigers Series

Tammy and her friends from the Lady Tigers fastpitch softball team are a force to be reckoned with, but the boys don’t seem to think softball is that hard. When the challenge is accepted, both the girls and the boys have an eye-opening experience. The Lady Tigers know what it truly means to play like a girl.